Welcome to the Policy Liaison Group for Regeneration & Levelling Up

The cross-party group was formed to provide durable solutions and recommendations to Government and other policy makers as we progress the agenda to regenerate towns and cities and level up opportunities across the country. We believe that Parliament has a vital role to play in shaping this agenda, and we are committed to providing a platform for informed debate and informed policy recommendations. 


As an impartial platform, we facilitate robust discussions on policy, aiming to bridge the gap between the commercial sector and governmental entities at various levels, including national, combined authorities, and local government. We aim to provide a dynamic two-way communication channel, offering a neutral ground where the industry can engage, debate, and guide policies with key decision-makers while benefiting from an enriching environment for networking.

Latest updates

Roundtable on the Impact of Environmental Regulations on Development with Lord Moylan, Chair of the House of Lords Built Environment Committee

The PLG’s roundtable meeting with Lord Moylan, Chair of the House of Lord Built Environment Committee brought together a diverse cohort of stakeholders to engage in a comprehensive discussion on the intricate challenges of environmental regulations vis a vis development. Lord Moylan's incisive analysis shed light on the nuanced dynamics at play, from the tensions between EU laws and domestic regulations to the systemic inefficiencies within the planning system.

Roundtable on Planning and Development in the next Parliament with Chris Worrall and Anthony Breach

This roundtable meeting of the PLG hosted Chris Worrall, Member of the Labour Housing Group Executive Committee and editor of the Fabian Society’s Homes for Britain: Planning for Growth report and Anthony Breach, an Associate Director at Centre for Cities, leading on housing, planning, devolution, and local finance. This meeting aimed to delve into planning and development in the next Parliament, with a strong emphasis on what planning might look like under a Labour Government. Discussions placed focus on the Westminster Hall debate on planning which took place on the 13th of March, and the details seen thus far with regards to the Labour Party’s housing and planning pledges.

Our Mission

We aim to ensure that regeneration and levelling up initiatives are sustainable, impactful, and lead to a significant increase in development across the UK.

Our Vision

We envision a vibrant and thriving UK where every community has the opportunity to reach its full potential. We believe that regeneration and levelling up are essential drivers of economic growth, social cohesion, and environmental sustainability. We are committed to working with all stakeholders to create a better future for all.